The Eyes of Innocence

kids playing in waterLinda L. Throgmorton
October 8, 1997

Look through the eyes of innocence
to see life as it was,
Before man took the world,
as he always does.

He twisted it and turned it
into a den of hate,
But the eyes of innocence
can see a different gate . . .

Into a world of beauty,
peace and happiness,
A place where there’s no cursing,
but with the tongue we bless.

The people all around us
speak truth and harmony,
The joyful sound of laughter and
happiness is what we see.

Through the eyes of innocence the
world’s a different place.
Peace, joy and love are on
each persons face.

The eyes of innocence are
treasures that we bear,
When we trust our neighbor
and again we learn to care.

If the world seems cruel and
your burden is not light,
Jesus said I will remove it, so
your heart may take to flight.

He gives us back a tender heart,
that life had hardened so,
To look through the eyes of innocence
that love and peace may grow.


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