Special People

God's Saving Hand reaching for the faithful

God’s Saving Hand


Linda L. Throgmorton
September 14, 1979

Special people love one another, with all
of their inner being.
God’s love flows out, from within, while
the sinner goes on believing,
that his love comes from man-made things.

But to his dismay, one fateful day
He’ll wish that he had listened~
God’s wrath will pour out, there will be no doubt,
On that fateful day, to the sinner.

He’ll stand amazed, while the chosen are raised
and beg with tears to be taken.
But, just as the sinner rejected the Lord,
so, will the Lord forsake him.

God’s glory and love will shine about
as he gathers His chosen ones . . .
And I say to the sinner, before this comes,
won’t you be one of His special people?

He’s holding His hand out, just for you
He wants you to be His own.
I thank God I took that step.
Now His number of special people has grown!

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