grief scene

Linda L. Throgmorton
December 28, 2000

Sorrow is a mighty captor,
turning ones’ eyes to self.
Ignoring the cries of others,
bemoaning the pain of its soul.

Sorrow will lure to the wilderness,
its victim stumbling in the dark.
Changing the sorrow into pain,
chaining the soul to its rein.

Sorrow is a tool of the destroyer,
intending to gain total control.
To shroud the life in darkness,
where the light will never more shine.

Sorrow for a time, if you must.
Let that burden weigh your soul down.
But remember, life is for living,
and the sun will once again shine.

Turn your sorrow into gladness.
Halt that fear with a new faith.
Such is the love of the Savior,
painting your life with grace.

Stand in the light of mercy,
follow your heart to its dream.
Rejoice with a soul full of laughter,
bathe in the fragrance of life.

Let joy become your umbrella,
the Lord your haven of rest.
Where sorrow can not reach you,
faced with the light, it must run.

Sorrow can only entrap you,
if you’re willing to give it control.
Better yet, look to the Creator,
who gives comfort and joy to the soul.

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