Since I Met The Master

bench sunrise

Linda L. Throgmorton
September 30, 1997

Since I met the Master, the world
looks to me brand new.
Life holds possibility, my eyes
closed, I never knew
The majesty of His awesome
power and grace,
One day through tears,
I met Him face to face.

He took my hand, my tears
and pain
All my trials and burdens,
at His feet I’ve lain.
His amazing grace, His overwhelming
love, His tender mercies
Are just a portion of the loving
Master’s power.
His truth and mighty word are
my shield each and every hour.

 Since I met the Master, my
path is strong and sure,
Leaning on His word gives
me wisdom to endure,
The snares, the tribulations,
temptations which do lure
My soul to leave the Master,
make a path of destruction sure.

Since I met the Master, my
life is bright and clear
His Spirit always wooing,
whispering . . . my child come near.
Your faith is what has kept you,
the word won’t let you roam,
The precious blood of Jesus, is
what will take you home.

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