It Will Begin

thunder clouds

Linda L. Throgmorton
August 12, 1998

It will begin with souls asunder
The clap, the bolt, the jar of thunder.
The hills will roll, the tears will pour
It will begin with no one watching.

The stars will twinkle, then
fall from their places.
The sky will rumble, then turn black
Uncertain people will try to turn back,
As fear and uncertainty shows
on their faces.

The Lord’s return will come with a shout
The confused and distraught will run about,
As their eyes behold the love they spurned,
Lo, with Him, those in Christ have returned.

There’s peace in the land, once again
As the Lord reigns supreme,
in the hearts of men.
It will begin with the return of love,
As love pours down from heaven above.

lion and lamb

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