How the World Can’t Know

book with flowers

Linda L. Throgmorton
September 30, 1997

Have you ever wondered
where the rivers flow?
Have you ever noticed
that the flowers grow?
Is there any sunshine
in your dreary world?
Is there any fragrance
you just don’t know?

Let the sun shine in,
bring your soul alive,
Let Jesus lead you,
that you may arrive,
In heavenly portals, by
the pearly gates,
Where love abounds, it’s
not to late.

When Jesus leads and
directs your path,
You’ll never be lonely,
For Jesus hath
That breath of life
that never ends.
Eternal life and peace
He sends.

Where Jesus walks, hope
eternal springs.
His sheep He knows, his
children sing,
About His saving grace,
His mercy and His love.
Don’t they ever look up
and seek God above?

Where Jesus lives, the
soul changes so,
Tell me Lord, how
the world can’t know.
He’s all around us, yes
all of nature shows.
Tell me Lord, how
the world can’t know?

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