Emerald Eden


Linda L. Throgmorton
March 17, 1998

I found myself in the midst of the most
beautiful Emerald Forest,
Surrounded by natures purest pleasures.
I quivered at the majestic scene, overwhelmed
by it’s silent power.

I became part of this jewels many treasures.
The trees, oh so green and full of life.
As I ponder the perfection of the sculptor’s hand,
Brings joy and wonder to my eyes.

A tear runs down my saddened face,
for thoughts of such a lonely place.
Then a lonely hoot owl cry, brings
another tear to my eye.

He seems to know my thoughts just then,
We were souls joined together,
sensing a loneliness within,

Oh Lord, if you can hear my prayers,
Tell me then . . .
Why do I feel so alone, in the midst
of this Emerald Eden?

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