Dear Child of Mine

jesus and children

Linda L. Throgmorton
August 7, 1998

You trust the Lord with
all your heart
You lean on Him, don’t
ever depart
Your life is sweet, and
filled with love
Because you trust in
God above

You say the words God
loves to hear
Because you’ve learned
His word is dear
The sound of praise
in His holy ears
Release His power to
defeat your fears

Your heart is filled with holy joy
The Holy Spirit you do employ
You lift your voice with
thankful praise
To let God know, you
trust His ways

God sees your heart, it’s
truth can’t hide
It’s filled with Him, Love
does abide
Compassion fills it, wisdom
Your path is straight, His
word you know

You believe the Lord is your
shepherd indeed
His Holy Spirit you trust
to lead
God loves you child, and
He always will
How much my child, only
you can tell

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