A Risen Faith


Linda L. Throgmorton
April 28, 1998

My heart seems barren
and feels no pain
I just feel lonely
and desperate again
This feeling it comes,
but never goes
My despair grows stronger,
I’m full of woe

What is this stirring, it
cannot be
I thought it was dead
what a mystery
I feel it rising within
my being
I can’t give up, distress
is fleeing . . .

A flicker of light . . . I can
see it now
I hear a voice . . . I
humbly bow
The words are faint . . . just
a whisper I’d say
Don’t give up . . . remember,
I am the way

I am the way . . . how could I
have forgotten
God’s Word, Jesus, His
only begotten
My heart starts to pound
life begins to flow
Just a word from the
Spirit and I know

I am not alone, I need
not despair
My heart takes to flight,
it begins repair
I remember more I’d let
slip away
I humbly bow, I repent
and pray

Dear Lord it seems I’ve
lost my way
The cares of my life have
lead me astray
Your gentle Spirit never
left my side
Though I left you,
you still abide

Thank you Father . . . I
begin again
I rise and look . . . where
is my sin?
I cannot find it, I
know it was there
It has been removed to
a great somewhere

Warmth and joy begin
to flood my heart
Despair and grief must
now depart
My Lord has renewed what
I thought was gone
But His love and mercy
are a healing balm

Faith arises, once again
I stand
Firmly planted in my
Father’s hand
Life cannot remove what
the Spirit has given
Praise God for His love
my faith has risen

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