A Poet’s Heart


Linda L. Throgmorton
May 2, 1998

There are steps we each take
in the life we are given
Some people run . . . by the
race they are driven

Others seem to gain comfort
in the quest for wealth
While there are some whose aim
is to restore man’s health

Some children mold with their
hands, creating beauty
There are those who feel right
and justice are their duty

A musician arises with melodies
and rhythm in his heart
While harmonious voices must
sing out to play their part

We each are born with a sense
of what we need
For our lives to count, a hunger
we must feed

But a poet’s heart feels the
need to share
With pen in hand, what his
eye beholds everywhere

The smile of his mother, the
tears of a friend
A world created by a love
that has no end

A bird singing sweetly, sends
the mind reeling
for the words to capture the
way he is feeling

Knowing not where the wind
comes from or goes
So the spirit of man, each
heart different, I suppose

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1 Response to A Poet’s Heart

  1. Kimberly F Hansen says:

    Interesting. I’m glad you’re spreading your heart in other places. So good to meet up with you once again dear friend.


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